The Team

Our band is led by a bandmaster with the aid of an assistant bandmaster and a team of adult instructors. This core team focus on the day-to-day running of the band; planning weekly practices, organising concerts and arranging other apppearances. Each instructor helps to co-ordinate the individual musical sections of the band, be that brass, wind, percussion or tuned percussion. Instructors are responsible for the musical development of the young people in their sections, and ensure that there is the right balance between one-to-one tuition and group practice. Many of the young people joining the band will have no prior musical knowledge – making the instructors role even more of a challenge!

In addition to the bandmaster and instructors, the management committee oversees the ‘business affairs’ of the band. The management committee is led the band chairman, supported by a treasurer, secretary and a small group of nominated committee members. The management committee isresponsible for ensuring that the band has the finances and resources to continue to be successfull.

The parents fundraising team (PFT) has the responsibility of raising money to ensure that the band has a regular home and is well resourced in terms of instruments, music and other equipment. Led by the PFT chairman, they organise a number of additional events throughout the year to supplement the band’s income – many of these events will be social acitivities that all band members are encouraged to attend.



The leadership team of the band comprises of the following:

  • Bandmaster: Alison Eggitt
  • Assistant Bandmaster: Karl Nicholas
  • Assistant Director of Music: Debbie Whitcombe

The management committee of the band is made up of:

  • Chairman: Rob Baker
  • Treasurer: Debbie Phillips
  • Secretary: Kate Finnie
  • Chairman, PFT: Paul Woollaston

Scouting wouldn’t exist without the skills and enthusiasm of thousands of adult volunteers. All adults within our band and throughout the country undertake a continuous modular training scheme enabling us to meet the demands of young people today – in addition all adults are first aid trained and attend safeguarding courses for the care of young people.